Download Auto Keyboard Presser [ Latest Version]

Clicking and typing, clicking and typing, and the loops go on!

This might be the scenario in an online game or video game that you are playing or can be your routine in the data entry work where you are constantly writing and filling data by pressing ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

It is literally boring stuff and tedious for anyone. There can be many similar tasks that require typing the same stuff on the keyboard again and again.

Now the real question is what you can do to get rid of it all? The simple solution to your problem is Auto Keyboard Presser. You obviously won’t see some magic on your physical keyboard as it won’t automatically keep on making the clicking sound.

But what you will see is that the keys you want to click on your keyboard will be producing input on the screen. It is no high-level stuff and can be done easily with the help of software meant for this specific purpose to help you out.

The Auto Keyboard Presser application by Autosofted is one of the best applications for automatically clicking the recorded keys on the keyboard. The software is free to download and easy to use with a useful and limited number of features.

From using it in the games to do missions to filling out data forms online and doing a lot more, the software is capable of it all. Let’s have a look at the features of this application.

Features of Auto Keyboard Presser

  • Record and playback all the keypresses automatically.
  • You can record an unlimited number of key presses.
  • Easily set up a time interval between two consecutive clicks on your keyboard.
  • You can choose the total number of times you want to repeat the pressing sequence.
  • Separate hotkeys start/stop and play action.
  • The software memorizes the hotkey and you don’t have to enter it again and again.
  • Edit script dialogue box that allows more versatile functionality and you can set the record sequence in a more advanced way.
  • You can set the time interval between two keypresses to as low as 10 milliseconds.
  • You can save the current script and can load the earlier ones as well.
  • If you hold the key for a particular time, the software has the feature to capture that as well in the sequence.

Now that you know how awesome and cool this software is, let’s see how to use this software and how to take advantage of all the features!

How to Run and Use The Auto Keyboard Presser?

  1. Download the Auto Keyboard Presser from the official website and install the application.
  2. Run the software application and multiple options will be displayed in the application panel.
  3. Firstly, choose the hotkey for Start/Stop and Play. Once you do, click on the Set button for both of the hotkeys.
  4. Click the Start hotkey button on your keyboard and click on the buttons on the keyboard that you want to auto click. You can open a notepad text file or can go to any website where you want to type in the data. While you click, check on the screen properly for the input to get it correctly. All the keys that you will click will appear on the screen on the application window in the sequence.
  5. Again press the hotkey button to Stop the recording of the keys sequence. Check the keys that you have pressed are right or not. Redo the same to make corrections. You can click on the Clear option in the application window to delete the recorded sequence. Once cleared, start fresh.
  6. Now enter the time between two presses. The lower you set this time, the faster the clicks will be automated.
  7. Next select the number of repetitions. Enter the number of times you want to repeat the sequence. If you want to repeat it continuously until you manually stop, checkmark the Repeat continuously option.
  8. Checkbox the Disable countdown timer option if you want to play the sequence as you click the hotkey button.
  9. Once you set all the different options properly, take the cursor to the place where you want to automatically perform the keyboard actions. Click the play hotkey button that you entered earlier.
  10. You will see the actions being performed automatically by the Auto Keyboard Presser software. The software will stop after the repetition of a specified number of times. You can press the Play button again to stop it manually or can click on the Exit button to stop the software.

That is how you run the Auto Keyboard Presser to get your keyboard pressing job done.

If the software is not performing the actions in some games or applications, then you need to run the software with administrative privileges.

To do so, right-click on the software icon and click on the Run as administrator option. This will launch the application with elevated privileges. You won’t face the problem then.

NOTE: For some games or applications, such automation processes might be banned and there is no solution for that.

Hope you liked the working of this easy to use application. It will come in handy and will save a lot of your time and efforts while playing games, using chatbots, filling data sheets, etc. Also, the application is tested and trusted by users from across the globe. It won’t consume significant CPU resources and is virus-free, making it a perfect pick for automating your keyboard presses.